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Are you ready to take your cleaning business to new heights? At Grow My Cleaning Biz, we have designed three exclusive membership levels to ensure your success at every stage. Whether you're just starting out or looking to expand your empire, our comprehensive programs will empower you to achieve extraordinary results. Get ready to revolutionise your business journey!

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Bronze Membership

With our Bronze Membership, you'll establish a rock-solid foundation for your cleaning business. We provide you with the essential tools and strategies to transform your business into a thriving money-making machine. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to financial stability as we guide you through price optimisation and financial literacy techniques. You'll gain the confidence to stand out from the competition and make your mark in the industry.

Silver Membership

Ready to take your cleaning business to the next level? Our Silver Membership is designed for ambitious entrepreneurs like you who are ready to grow and expand their operations. Building upon the strong foundations you've established, we'll show you how to strategically scale your business and successfully hire and manage a team. Together, we'll unlock your full potential and create a sustainable, flourishing enterprise that stands out in the market.

Gold Membership

It's time to step away from the tools and become the visionary leader you were destined to be. With our Gold Membership, we'll guide you through advanced strategies and mentor you to delegate responsibilities, streamline operations, and focus on scaling your business to unprecedented heights. Say hello to more freedom, increased profits, and the fulfillment of your entrepreneurial dreams.

At Grow My Cleaning Biz, we believe in your potential to outgrow each membership level. Our programs are designed to inspire and empower you to surpass your own expectations. Our vibrant community of like-minded entrepreneurs will support you every step of the way, providing motivation, knowledge, and a network of valuable connections.

Back on Track!
⭐️ Access to 7 Figure Roadmap
⭐️ Access to all of our Short Courses
⭐️ Access to our exclusive Community
⭐️ 10% discount on live events
Plus these Bonuses:
⭐️ Access to our live Monday Night Roundtable
⭐️ Access to our live Fortnightly Masterclass

 $89 per month

No Minimum Commitment 

Time to Team!
⭐️ Access to 7 Figure Roadmap
⭐️ Access to all of our Short Courses
⭐️ Access to our exclusive Community
⭐️ 30% discount on live events
⭐️ Access to our Monday Night Roundtable
⭐️ Access to our Fortnightly Masterclass
Plus these Bonuses:
⭐️ Directory Listing
⭐️ Access to our Resource Centre



 $149 per month 

No Minimum Commitment

Off the Tools!
⭐️ Access to 7 Figure Roadmap
⭐️ Access to all of our Short Courses
⭐️ Access to our exclusive Community
⭐️ Invitation to live events
⭐️ Access to our Monday Night Roundtable
⭐️ Access to our Fortnightly Masterclass
⭐️ Directory Listing
⭐️ Access to our Resource Centre
Plus these Bonuses
⭐️ Welcome Pack
⭐️ Birthday and Business Anniversary posts
⭐️ Access to class recordings
⭐️ Big Picture Call with Fiona
⭐️ Strategy Call with Fiona

 $299 per month

12 Months Commitment


Success is a system

and it can be learned

There was a time if you asked me how to succeed I would have said to work harder than everyone else! I did that for 10 years and ended up burnt out with an unhappy family life. I had customers coming out of my ears but had no idea what profit I was making. So I decided I needed a change. Fast forward to now, I have learnt the true cost of the hustle and teach you how to grow a cleaning business without sacrificing your family life!

- Fiona

Our Live Classes

Monday Night Roundtable

This class is a more laid back and casual question and answer session. Questions that have been submitted and asked on Facebook throughout the week are all answered during this session.

Fortnightly Masterclass

Our Fortnightly Masterclass is a highly impactful session that focuses on one topic in depth each fortnight. 

The Courses that are Included in the Membership:

7 Figure Roadmap

This course is designed to show you how to build your cleaning business from the ground up.

Unfuck Your Biz

This course is designed to help you identify the 6 core foundations that you need in order to thrive.

Hiring Killer Cleaners

In this course, we provide you with all of the tips and tricks that you need to hire amazing cleaners.

Cleaning an Oven like a Pro

This course uses step by step videos to show you how to clean an oven safely and efficiently.

Crystal Clear Glass Cleaning

This course shows you how to clean glass surfaces using 3 different methods.

Bond Cleans like a Boss

This course provides you with step by step videos on how to conduct all the aspects of a bond clean.

Mould Cleaning 101

Throughout this course, we show you how to clean mould safely and effectively.

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See what some of our students say about us!

Nikita T

"Fiona and the team at Grow My Cleaning Biz have made it possible for me to enjoy my business. The tools and knowledge they provide have helped my overcome many obstacles that have arisen in the processes of hiring, pricing, government regulations and mandatory insurances and other payables. Highly recommend if you're starting out or wanting help with your cleaning business."

Louise T

"I did Fiona's course and within a week I had clients. Fast forward three months and my business turns over more than $2000 a week. I have two cleaners working for me and have a work-life balance. I recommend it to anyone wanting to work for themselves."

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